On numerous occasions over the last years, we  visited the Mavroudis family olive oil mill and museum . There we tasted authentic olive oil and learned about the olive oil production since ancient times until today´s modern technology.

Listening to all the Olive oil scandals regarding “fake” extra virgin olive oil and having the experience of the Corfu olive oil we decided to introduce it to our friends, family and colleagues by sending a shipment to Denmark. The first shipment of olive oil from Corfu received indeed a very welcoming and positive opinion!

Based on these experiences we decided to embark in the “Greek Temptations” adventure and introduce quality authentic Greek Corfu olive oil to the Danish consumers.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is produced only once a year, as good quality olives are harvested in the period Nov.-Jan. They are then processed in a dedicated production line, to prevent contamination from olives that have been collected from the ground.

Gourmet aromatic Olive oil is produced by adding fresh herbs or fruit (basil, oregano, garlic, lemon, orange, chilli) during the extraction of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Before an order is placed, we visit the olive mill and taste the new olive oil, to make sure that the quality lives up to our expectations.

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